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Website  Design

Mariah Colby 

Website Design for Actors

Solo Actor Website Design 


For Actors in need of a website


Includes: 5 Pages in any layout: Home, About, Headshot/Resume, Photos, Videos.

Each extra page costs an additional $50


Actors must provide all media: headshots, photos, videos already edited.


Solo Actor Website Design - Revamp 


For Actors in need of a redesign/revamp of their website


Includes: Redesign of a website that already has a base of all media, photos and information of the actor. That may need a more modern look and/or updated media. 


Actor can choose to either use Wix or Weebly for their sites design, though I would suggest Wix


***Price does not include the purchasing of a domain, or subscription to a website design company. Actors will send login information for their website along with all photos and media they want on their website. Actors may want to send a little bit about themselves so to get an idea of the vibe they want to showcase for their website to best fit them. 


Payment can be made through, Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal



See my work!


Solo Actor Jacob Pacek


Solo Actor Robert Smedman


Solo Actor Mariah Colby

Company Website Design

\Interested in creating a webpage for your company? Or looking to redesign an old one?

Send me an email to get in touch 


See my work!

Oakland University Musical Theatre and Dance

Dexter Chamber of Commerce


Send me an email if interested at and we can work out all the details as I get to know you and the wonderful actor you are! Looking forward to getting to know you! 

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